DAIKIN CITY is an on-line tool that allows you to create Projects for quoting and submitting. Manage your users and business. Browse application buildings and Functional buildings. All with navigation and tools to make your jobs easier.

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The Spare Parts Bank is your online resource for parts and service information for Daikin products in the United States and Canada. Here you will find information such as exploded model breakdowns, parts identification, part substitutions, availability, repair bulletins as well as on line ordering (for authorized resellers).

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VRV_WXpress is a systematic selection software for Daikin VRV-W systems. It allows you to make quick or detailed system selection for quotation with easy operation and generate reports.

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VRV_Xpress is a systematic selection software for Daikin VRV systems. It allows you to make quick or detailed system selection for quotation with easy operation and generate reports.

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Selection tool for ventilation devices (VAM, FXMQ_MF). The selection is based on given supply/extract airflows, and given ESP of the supply/extract ducting- Determines size of electrical heaters, Visualization of psychrometric chart, Visualization of selected configuration and Required field settings mentioned in the report.

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The Daikin Altherma selection and simulation program allows you to select Daikin Altherma equipment and simulate & compare its seasonal efficiency with other heat sources. The extensive report also includes the necessary field settings to perform during commissioning.

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The new Daikin 8 Zone Multi Split Selection Software selects 8 zone Multi Split Indoor unit, Outdoor Unit and BP Boxes system. This tool includes selection check based on selected system capacity & entered piping lengths, calculates additional refrigerant charge, system type, capacities, efficiencies, etc. and generates a report with Material List, Selection Details and Selection Criteria.

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Psychrometric or Mollier chart viewer. Possibility to determine the psychrometric characteristics of a given point on the chart. Or to determine the characteristics of a mixture of 2 points on the chart.

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Unit Converter converts various physical quantities to different units of measurement.

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